Call For Abstracts

The extended abstract submission deadline is 1 March 2021.


Please send your abstract to


Please, specify in your e-mail whether you wish to participate with a poster or with an oral presentation.



• The body of the abstract should not exceed 350 words.

• Key words – up to 6, in alphabetical order, excluded those in the title.

• The text should be in clear and concise English. Please be consistent in punctuation,
abbreviations and spelling.

• Use of standard abbreviations is desirable. Place special or unusual abbreviations in
parentheses after the full term the first time it appears.

• The SI system should be used for all measurement units.

• Binomial Latin names should be used in accordance with the International Rules of
Nomenclature. In the title after the Latin name of the species the name of its author
should be included. Latin names should be typed in italics.



The papers presented oral or as poster at the Conference will be published afterward in the journal “Forestry Ideas” after undergoing a peer review. For more details please see “Instructions to the authors” on the website of the journal (


The deadline to send the manuscript is 31.12.2021. 




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