Main Topic: Climate Policy and Forest Sustainability

  • Sustainable planning and management of forestry activities
  • Biodiversity, biotic and abiotic factors in forest areas
  • Bioeconomy based on timber and non-timber forest products and services


Additional Topics:

I. Forest Biology and Ecology

  • Forest soils and forest plants;
  • Ecosystem management and modeling;
  • Forest stand dynamics, growth and yield;
  • Biodiversity and nature conservation;
  • Wildlife management, Fisheries and aquaculture;

II. Forest Operations and Wood Processing

  • Forest genetics and tree breeding, Seeds and nursery practices, Afforestation;
  • General silviculture, Agroforestry;
  • Forest products, Forest ecosystem services;
  • Forest engineering;
  • Wood processing;

III. Forest Economics and Management

  • Ecological, social and economic aspects of forestry;
  • Education of staff and society, Forest extension;
  • Decision making and regulation;
  • Landscape management, Ecotourism.


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